Saturday, 23 September 2017

Dreadfleet - Grimnir's Thunder

Below decks on Grimnir's Thunder.

Lots of fine detail on a really nice model.

I've kept fairly well to the advice in White Dwarf but widened the range of colours a little.

Now with more of the engine and the dirigible attached.

Lots of time spent on this already and the hull will also take a fair bit of painting because of all the portholes.

I've yet to wash the silver areas with Nuln Oil and to paint the cannon.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Elf Command?

 Here's what I bought as Elf Command though I rather think there should be a musician there too.

Perhaps one of these guys plays the penny whistle.

I'm ashamed of the Banner.  Freehand painting of Elvish detail is beyond me.

The colours are not right either but I didn't want the pale blue/pale green of the previous banner.

They are supposed to be a rally point so it's no good if they are all the same colour.

I've tried to keep to the same or similar colour scheme as the earlier wood elves.

Mechanicus Grey and Catachan Green for the cloaks and Knarloc Green for the bases.

The 'blue' is Shadow Grey built up to Fenrisian Grey.

One head is based with Mournfang, the other with the last drop of Calthan Brown that I have.

Then the hairs painted Yriel Yellow and Balor Brown.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Dunedain etc 3

Here are the other trio. Wearing armour as they are, they must surely be Dunedain to fit in with Halbarad? Even that complicates things as I understand there were three versions of Halbarad and certainly one was without armour.

I've used Warboss Green for the tunics and went for Fenrisian Grey for the cloaks. (The Pale Grey Company?) I'd probably have been better off with Shadow Grey as they look too Elvish but, as usual, I want to get on with the next thing. (Yes, I know it shows)

These models were fairly tricky with lots of difficult places to get to. They also had a number of 'spikes' (on boots and tunics) which I'd not spotted even with the primer on. (Note the grass around the toes of the boots)

Monday, 18 September 2017

Dunedain etc 2

The first three Dunedain or Men of the North. It's all very confusing and even they don't know who they are. The next batch are clearly The Grey Company who are Dunedain yet Games Workshop has these guys listed as Dunedain and the ones to follow, wearing armour, as Men of the North!

Cloaks are Dark Angels Green, Boots and bags, Rhinx Hide, jerkins Mournfang Brown. The bases I've rimmed with Kabalite Green. My theory was that it's the closest you can get to a 'Royal' green'. Blue blood and all that.

I also used one of those 'tufts' for the first time. The size of a bush!

The dark pole that one is carrying is, I presume, Aragorn's banner, specially knitted by Arwen.

 There seems to be no rules covering either set for games.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Dunedain etc

Here we go again with 3 Dunedain, 3 Men of the North, 2 Elf command and Prince Imrahil.

The latter might have a long wait as there wasn't quite room in the spray box.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Dreadfleet - Seadrake 2

Well, at last the Seadrake has put to sea, though workmen and painters are still aboard (Do you see that lean on the foremast)

She's taken some time, part because of the various invasions over the past three weeks and part because it's a nicely detailed ship.

I didn't entirely follow the WD painting guide which seemed over complex yet full of omissions, such as hints for the Dragon.

I didn't undercoat the gold detail with bronze, which is my usual practice, as that would give me twice the chance of error, especially as I was missing my usual headset magnifiers.

The detail on the sails show this lack.

I did undercoat bronze on the ram, figurehead and above the rudder.

I used Regal Blue on the sails first but applied the Enchanted Blue directly onto the white base on the roofs.

When assembling, note that the decking has to go in before the two halves are joined.

Otherwise assembly is easy and very neat.

The captain is Prince Yrellian of Ulthuan. If you've never heard of him, no worries. Nor have I.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Dreadfleet - Seadrake

Regrettably, the launch of the third ship from the Dreadfleet box has been delayed by a strike at the docks.

The yard owners, Harpic and Wolfit, have been forced to employ non-union labour over the past two weeks.

Clerks, cooks and Elven coffin makers have all worked on the Seadrake (the latter always have time on their hands due to Elvish immortality)

When she does put to sea, we hope she floats.