Friday, 17 November 2017

The Bloody Reaver

To show progress is being made on The Bloody Reaver.

This is the most complex of all the ships with an inner and outer hull.

It also has these odd 'locking' ends to the masts.

I can see no need for them, in fact they make life difficult as you have to put sails and masts in place before fixing the inner hull together and encasing it in the outer hull.

I intend cutting them away so that the masts can go in last, as in all the other ships.

Dreadfleet - Swordfish 3

A few shots of the completed Swordfish with the tide well and truly out.

(I still haven't located the bases for these final three ships.

As you can see, the painting on the sails is very mit and hiss - beyond me, I'm afraid.

However, OK for the tabletop.

Again, a really fine model with no problems apart from the painter's eyes.

(Why the skeleton with the dual purpose garden forks and egg whisks is wearing a bow tie I've no idea)

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Dreadfleet - Swordfish 2

Nearly done on the hull and, with the sails all but finished, a clear hour of painting should launch the Swordfish.

Trouble is, with all the putting away and fetching out again, when we have guests, I cannot find the last three bases!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Swordfish sails

These sails were beyond my skill level and it shows.

How do these guys do it?

I tried dry-brushing, painting all over black and filling in the white with a fine brush, leaving it white and working the black in among it.

Nothing worked for me!
As well as them being messy, they are all black/white where to photos in the rules and magazines show various colours for the different components.

There should be metal in there and green

This I noticed when they were almost finished and I'm NOT doing them again.

Only the one sail is completely finished. The ropes are painted and the mast attached. I again found that that gap filling super glue most useful. More so than liquid green stuff. Thanks John.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Dreadfleet - 3 ships

The remaining 3 ships are The Swordfish, the Bloody Reaver and The Heldenhammer.

All three a challenge, particularly the latter two, both for assembly and for painting.

Heldenhammer's sails being red with gold insignia, I went for the Mephiston Red that I used to base the recent wargs with.

The other two have white insignia so I used white spray for the front hoping to fill in the sail colour round it leaving the white showing.

The Swordfish has black sails so it was OK to spray the back of its sails black.

The Bloody Reaver has purple sails so red should give me a good base.

We shall see how all this turns out.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Dreadfleet scenery 5

Just the wind gauge, whirlpool and rulers.

Photos taken in the light of the new desk light (Birthday present from Heather and co).

Perhaps it's not quite bright enough for modelling but, as it's LED, it gives a fairly white light.

The whirlpool is the other side of the wind gauge. Cheapskates!

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Dreadfleet scenery 4

I revisited the Giant as I realised he was not surrounded by water.

While there, I darkened the lower area with Kabalite green and the lowest with Ork Flesh Wash.

I also gave it a light dry brush with white.
The Leech Wyrm and Bone Hydra were fun to paint with plenty of detail if you want to go that far with scenery.

I've experimented with various washes on these two including Guilliman Blue and  Drakenhof Nightshade over the white undercoat.

I think I'll give that ripped sail a bit more shading and highlighting.